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Planning and Zoning Division Responsibilities 

The Planning and Zoning Division supports the mission of the Department of Planning and Community Development, as well as other city departments, by promoting development in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan and federal, state, and local land-use regulations. The division seeks to provide the general public and local officials with reliable information and recommendations based on factual data.

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General Planning Goals and Objectives 

  1. Maintain the Comprehensive Plan by proposing, facilitating, and supporting the adoption of policies that reflect the long-range goals of the City.
  2. Coordinate the review of subdividing property, rezonings, special use permits, and street/alley closings for compliance with development regulations.
  3. Make recommendations to elected and appointed officials concerning development proposals.
  4. Compile and maintain information on the City's population and land-use patterns
  5. Provide staff support to the Planning Commission.
  6. Revise the Subdivision, Zoning, and Sign Ordinances as needed.
  7. Assist other city departments with special requests.

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General Zoning Goals and Objectives

  1. Conduct site inspections to determine existing conditions for any zoning violations and issue proper notice (if any) to parties involved.
  2. Review building and sign permit applications for ordinance compliance.
  3. Coordinate the review of site plans for zoning, subdivision, and special use or conditional compliance.
  4. Meet with the public, at the office or at the site, to discuss violations, complaints, and provide general information.
  5. Provide staff support to the Board of Zoning Appeals.
  6. Assist other city departments as necessary.

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