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Notice of Award documents for bids and proposals for 2012.

ITB/RFP/PPEA Notice of Award(s)
PDF All award files are in PDF format.
Award Date
Date format: month-day-year.
Public Works Complex Fire Alarm System Upgrade Notice of Award [233KB] 5-16-12
Rainwater Harvesting System at Public Works and Addendum #1, Addendum #2 Notice of Award [133KB] 5-3-12
Solid Waste, Stormwater and Engineering Services RFP and Addendum #1, Addendum #2 Notice of Award [37KB]
Notice of Award [37KB]
Dry River Timber Sale ITB No Award N/A 
Operation of Food Service Heritage Oaks Golf Course Clubhouse Notice of Award [27KB] 5-25-12
Operation of Food Service for Hardesty Higgins House RFP Notice of Award [26KB] 6-7-12
Vendor Managed Inventory Program RFP and Addendum #1 Notice of Award [37KB] 6-4-12
Portland Cement Concrete ITB Notice of Award [32KB] 6-28-12
Crushed Aggregate Stone ITB Notice of Award [32KB] 6-29-12
Bituminous Plant Mix Notice of Award [32KB] 6-29-12
Traffic Control Drums Notice of Award [32KB] 6-28-12
Pan and Tilt Sewer Inspection Camera ITB Notice of Award [126KB] 8-9-12
Advanced Metering Infrastructure System RFP Notice of Award [27KB] 9-10-12
Water Treatment Chemicals ITB and Addendum #1 Notice of Award [309KB] 6-29-12
Consultant for Information Technology for Revenue Systems Replacement RFP and Addendum #1 and #2 Notice of Award [84KB] 8-22-12
Lobby Renovations at Harrisonburg Community Activity Center ITB Notice of Award [27KB] 8-1-12
Harrisonburg Treasurer's Office Alterations ITB No Award  
University Boulevard and Evelyn Byrd Sidewalk and Pedestrian Signals Project ITB and Addendum #1 Notice of Award [27KB] 8-3-12
Public Works Refuse Truck - ITB Notice of Award [32KB] 9-10-12
Central Stores Valves, Fittings and Restraint Packages - ITB Notices of Award (2) [50KB] 9-6-12
Public Works Hydrated Bulk Lime - ITB Notice of Award [28KB] 9-21-12
Utility Bill Printing and Mailing Services RFP, and addendum Notice of Award [22KB] 9-28-12
Cab & Chassis with Accessories ITB Notice of Award [28KB] 10-24-12
Hotel & Conference Center PPEA No Award  
Refueling Stations RFP, Addendum #1 and #2 Notice of Award [25KB] 11-20-12
Demolition & Site Clearing (Reservoir St.), Addendum #1, 2 & 3 Notice of Award [125KB] 11-27-12
Paratransit Intelligent Transport System (ITS) RFP, Addendum #1 Notice of Award [23KB] 12-10-12


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